Wayne Brady shares his favorite travel stories

The Let’s Make a Deal funnyman loves Central Park and Oahu

Wayne Brady shares his favorite travel stories

Central Park Quality time

Central Park is such a great little piece of nature in the midst of all this hubbub and chaos. My daughter Maile and I always go to Wollman Rink. In the winter, we go ice skating. In the summer, we hang out at the amusement park. When we do that, we always take a carriage ride in the park at night, then eat at Tavern on the Green. It’s a little thing that we share. We’ve probably done that for the past five or six years now.


Wayne Brady with friends and family in North Shore, Oahu.

Unplugging in Oahu

My family and I have a standing appointment to go back [to Hawaii] every year in July. We just walk on the beach, ride our bikes into town and have shaved ice at one of the stands. It tastes like somebody grabbed a cloud, turned it into ice and put it in your mouth. It’s become a family tradition, a time-out for us. We’ve been going there for about 20 years. It has a special place in our hearts. I could probably be a tour guide.


Monkeying around

When I was on tour a few years ago, my daughter and I stayed in [the South African resort] Sun City. The staff tells you to secure your valuables because monkeys try to come in. At first, we were like, “Ha! Monkeys can’t get into this room.” We were on the second floor. But I’ll be darned if we didn’t come back from dinner and caught two monkeys in the act! The windows were open. They were on the balcony scoping the place and getting ready to make their move.


Coming home to St. Thomas

My grandmother lives in St. Thomas, and I have a ton of cousins and aunts there. There are a lot of Bradys in St. Thomas! When Maile was 11, I was able to introduce her to a place that I’ve been going to since I was a kid, a place where I have so many great childhood memories. She loved it! I think she liked eating johnnycakes the most. It’s a fried bread, and still one of my favorite foods. When my mom flies to visit me in L.A., I still always beg her to make it for me.


Wayne’s Must-Pack List


I read all my books on my iPad, mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Growing up, my imagination has always been fired by fantasy, books like Lord of the Rings and authors like Stephen King.


MIDI Keyboard

I started taking lessons to make music, so I’m always writing music on the road. Luckily, I use headphones. No one can hear me–sometimes it’s not so pretty.


Ableton Push

It’s a controller I can use to build tracks. I’m shooting a concert DVD that’s going to be an improv comedy concert where I create everything entirely on the spot using this technology.



Whether I’m on the plane or in the hotel room, I bring all my stuff with me. I play games on the Xbox and watch Netflix on it. I’m a one-man band.