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The Power of Story

The Power of Story

Editor's letter

Growing up, my favorite comic hero was Batman—fighting the good fight, he was a mysterious outsider with a cave, a fantastic car and a soft spot for Catwoman. As a kid, it’s a rush to have a hero, but also a comfort—I felt connected to Batman’s success. That resonated when I read our story on cover star Chadwick Boseman, who portrays Black Panther, Marvel Comics’ first black superhero. Sure, Black Panther is a thrill ride, but it’s more than that. During our interview, Chadwick shouldered the cultural meaning with aplomb, and even showed us that superheroes have a groove, breaking out his best James Brown dance moves.

This year marks the 170th anniversary of the Gold Rush. Those were exciting times—boom towns, saloons, new money, big dreams. Today, some of those former main streets are ghost towns with an eerie beauty and a palpable sense of stories past. We sent writer Toby Skinner out West to give us a rundown of which ones to visit and why—be it for their haunting histories or fun Americana kitsch. 

Another favorite this month is our feature “Follow My Voice.” What if you had the chance to go sea kayaking and camping along the Baja Peninsula? Sounds great, but what if you had lost your sight? We join a group of disabled adventurers as they take on this challenge—both frustrating and exhilarating—and come back with stories only they could achieve.

Every neighborhood has tales to tell, and Cartagena’s Getsemaní, one of the most dynamic areas in Colombia, has more than its share. Associate editor Jess Swanson got to know the new hotspots, the people behind them and the colorful roots of the district. In a neighborhood so vibrant, you might even come back with a story or two of your own.

Enjoy the issue.