My Travel Tales: Hannah Simone

The New Girl bestie and host of the upcoming Fox survival contest Kicking and Screaming shares her travel stories
My Travel Tales: Hannah Simone

When I took the cats to California
I have these two old cats that are 10 and 13. I wanted them to see the world, too—so, on a whim, I rented an RV, put the cats in and just started to drive. We ended up near the ocean, in the Big Sur forest. It tripped them out on so many levels. I just adopted a third cat from a no-kill shelter in L.A., named Alfie. He’s going on the next road trip with us. It’s the kitty bucket list. I’m thinking Canada.
When I got reflective in Bhutan
Bhutan was the most life-changing trip. It feels like traveling back in time, and everyone in Bhutan is basically Buddhist. When you’re there, you see how our world might look if we all stood still and treated all life equally. 
When I learned about my heritage
I’m half-Indian and didn’t fully understand what that meant until I was in Fiji filming Kicking and Screaming. I spent one of my two days off in Suva, visiting the museum and learning about how Indians ended up on this beautiful little island because of slavery. It was a tough history lesson, but it felt important to me to learn about my roots.
When I did Austin like Zooey
I recently took this amazing road trip from L.A. to Texas. Zooey [Deschanel] spends quite a bit of time in Austin, and she gave me her insider list. There are some awesome barbecue places, but a lot of them have lines that are like four hours long. Her best tip was Brown’s Bar-B-Que: no line but the
food was still incredible.
When I slept near lions in Kenya 
The most gorgeous place I ever stayed was Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzuri resort in Kenya. It was so beautiful. We were in these luxurious tents where you can hear the lions call at night. We would wake up at 5 a.m. every day, hop into an open-air jeep, drink coffee and look at the sun rising over all
the zebras. It was magical.

Hannah’s packing list

If I’m going somewhere like India or Africa, I’ll bring a Polaroid camera to be able to take a photo of the kids I meet and give them one. It’s such a good way to meet local people.
Reading material
I usually bring one of my dad’s books. He’s a retired engineer who has now published more than 20 different novels. They were always on his brain and in his heart. There’s no better time to get into a good book than when you’re sitting on a plane for 13 hours.  
Hair straightener
I have absolutely no hair talent whatsoever. I just wash it and go, but I will bring a little tiny, mini hair straightener because I have bangs—and anyone with bangs will tell you that they are high maintenance. Otherwise,
the rest of my hair just does what it wants.
Phone charger
For some reason, that’s the one thing I always seem to forget. I must now have 1,000 phone chargers because I have to buy one at every airport I land in.