My Travel Tales: Brett Eldredge

The country music singer, whose The Long Way tour kicks off April 5, shares his wildest travel memories. 

My Travel Tales: Brett Eldredge

Washroom Nightmare

When I was on vacation in the Bahamas, I got up one morning and flipped the toilet seat and spotted a boa constrictor inside. My hand got close, but luckily, I wasn’t struck. I’m not traumatized, but my mom is still uneasy about the experience!

Kidding Cousins

I always end the year with a trip to my hometown in Illinois. I have a million cousins, and we cram into one house. One cousin suggested we all wear onesies. We were all rocking these onesies and went to play laser tag outside. We looked ridiculous, but it was such a fun way to reconnect with my family.

Hitting the Heights

Whenever I have a number one song on the country music charts, I make it a point to do something uncomfortable. The first time was for “Don’t Ya.” I’m not a big fan of heights, so I took some buddies, my brother and folks from the record label skydiving in Tennessee.

Square Dancing

While in Sicily, my buddies and I came across this veteran accordion player. We had no idea what he was singing, but we loved it and started to dance next to him. We’re weird like that. I can’t blame jet lag.

Dog Days

One of my favorite places to go to find inspiration is the Zuma Canyon Trail in Malibu, with my pup, Edgar Boogie. He’s my best bud. We learned our limits one day when we took a wrong turn and stayed out too long in the heat. I gave Edgar all my water and stuck to the shade. We ended up making it back, but it was definitely an adventure.

Brett’s Must-Pack List

I haven’t taken Edgar overseas yet, but for most of my travels I like to bring him along. I travel a lot and have the opportunity to see so many things, and having my buddy with me is the icing on the cake. He puts a smile on my face no matter where I am.

Whether I’m going to a beach or not, I always pack swimsuits. I am one of those guys that even if I’m going to the mountains and skiing, I’ll bring a swimsuit. I love to be in a hot tub and let the snow fall on my head.

Meditation Apps
Due to my crazy schedule, I need to set my mind free and sit in silence and meditate. I use apps like Headspace and 10% Happier, preferably where there aren’t a lot of people.

Bluetooth Speakers
When I listen to music in a new place, I hear things that I never thought I would hear in a song. I love to chill on the beach and listen to music. It helps me relax.