My Buenos Aires

 By polo star Nic Roldan

My Buenos Aires

Portrait: Juan Lamarca

Now based in Wellington, Florida, international polo champion Nic Roldan was born in the Argentine capital, and competes there regularly. Ranked as America’s leading player and current captain of the U.S. Polo Team, Roldan revisits a roster of favorites when he returns to his hometown.

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“Argentina hasn’t been known for having good sushi, but this relatively new Japanese restaurant really raised the bar.”

“This classic is now filled with fun people. Everyone goes before clubbing. The steaks are great.”


Four Seasons Buenos Aires
“Situated in a prime location in the La Recoleta district, this hotel is where a lot of polo players go after games for drinks. Suites are in La Mansión, a 1920 residence that’s incredibly beautiful. And the hotel’s Pony Line Lounge is decorated in a polo theme, so that’s very cool.”


San Telmo
“The coolest place to go on a Sunday morning is San Telmo, an old part of the city where they operate a street market and sell antiques and local art.”


“The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) is the prettiest museum in the city, with an incredible collection of modern and contemporary Latin American art. Founded in 2001 by Eduardo Costantini to showcase his works, it now showcases artists from around the region.”


Cañuelas and Pilar
“These are the two meccas of polo, outside the urban center. The farms are insane; it’s a Disneyland for polo players. Now, they’re building La Dolfina Polo Ranch, a five-star country club and resort.”


Campo Argentino de Polo Palermo
“It’s every polo player’s dream to play on Palermo Field, like no other location in the world, right in the middle of the city. The stadium is really high with vertical seating.”