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Looking back and looking ahead

Looking back  and looking ahead

Editor's letter

Nostaligia has its charms: I’d bet that #TBT (Throwback Thursdays) produce more warm and fuzzy feelings than any other hashtag out there. But there’s also a practical value: You can take stock, think about what changes you might make in your life, and be glad you don’t have to relive junior high. Reading our Orlando Bloom cover story, I couldn’t help but relate to the actor, at 40, taking measure of his life. To most he’s living the dream, and I doubt he’d deny that. But he wants more. He’s still got the itch of the “what if,” and it’s fascinating to hear him riff on how that question is shaping his choices today.

Looking back can also give you a jarring new sense of connection. I challenge you to read our “At Peace on the Swells” feature, about the American soldiers who surfed during their Vietnam War tours, and not feel empathy for the wartime teenagers, and the men they are today, as they seek solace on the waves.

This issue has lighter fare, too: one writer gags on raw limpets while attempting caveman cuisine, while artists sculpt a sea monster on top of an artificial reef. And remember Twin Peaks, filmmaker David Lynch’s eerie murder mystery TV show? He shot a new version, out this month, in the same fog-laced Washington valley as the original. We couldn’t resist sending senior editor Derrik Lang to sleuth around in search of what makes the place so charmingly weird.

And you’d be remiss if you flipped through the pages without spending some time with La La Land actress Callie Hernandez. She’s all over the map in a good way—playing cello, jamming in bands, acting in the new Alien movie, trying to surf—not a bad trait if you want to smile 10 years from now on Throwback Thursday.