Lamorne Morris’ quirks are paying off

The New Girl actor takes his off-kilter charm to the big screen in Game Night. 

Lamorne Morris’ quirks are paying off

Some stars worry about the wrong kind of exposure. Not Lamorne Morris. For a recent photo shoot, the actor best known as the dryly unpredictable Winston on Fox’s New Girl posed au naturel—in public.

“I didn’t have no clothes on in the street!” he says. “It’s OK. We were in Hollywood, so people probably think that was normal.”

Morris is standing out in a totally different way in the film Game Night (Feb. 23), no mean feat considering the comedy-thriller pairs him with the likes of Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. In the movie, a group of friends play a murder mystery version of hide-and-seek and gradually realize they’re caught up in a real-life crime. Morris plays Kevin, an obsessive type who discovers in the frenzy that his wife has fooled around with a celebrity. “If my girlfriend dated LeBron James,” he says, “I’d want to know about it.”

It’s a big step for the “100-percent weird” kid from Chicago’s South Side, who was raised by his grandmother and postal-worker mom. The Days of Our Lives fan made them proud, excelling at drama class and landing the Chris Farley Scholarship to the College of DuPage.

Morris doesn’t indulge in many extreme activities himself. “My girlfriend is always, like, ‘Let’s go hang gliding!’ I’m like, ‘Uhhh. I’ll hang out over here.’”