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Don't Forget to Make Stories

Don't Forget to Make Stories

Editor's letter

It’s funny how some memories stay clear while others blur. Vast swaths of my adult life are in soft focus, but I can precisely recount tales from childhood summer camp. With that in mind, I recently took part in an informal version for adults, “Camp Astor,” at The St. Regis Aspen Resort: I sabered a bottle of Champagne, nearly bounced off my whitewater raft, passionately debated s’more methods, caught wild trout and won a dessert-making contest with my fiancée. I have a feeling those memories will stay diamond-sharp. 

Our cover star Dane DeHaan is making some striking memories of his own. He’s taking a huge career leap as the lead of this summer’s dazzling sci-fi blockbuster, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and he’s landed an even more exciting role as a new dad. It’s nice to see a guy from Allentown, Pennsylvania, make it big, but still able to joke about being temporarily daft enough to get his car stolen. His excuse: His newborn daughter distracted him. We’ll give him a pass. 

Other favorites this month include a journey into the riveting world of competitive jump rope, where kids do flips as they skip, or achieve 300 rope spins a minute. Then we change pace with a look at the Wyeth family’s artistic dynasty, their immense talent and knack for capturing the brooding people and landscapes of America. 

There’s so much more to this issue—Game of Thrones villains; championship eaters; the funky bits of Rome. I hope the pages inspire you to make your own summer memories. Just beware—my most vivid from Aspen is also my most painful: The biggest fish of the day jumping from the water and breaking the line, my screams of anguish muffled by the roar of the river.

Bill Kearney,