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Doing things a little differently

Doing things a little differently

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Most celebs arrive at photo shoots in fancy cars, publicists and obsequious handlers in tow. For our recent shoot on an Australian beach, Jason Momoa showed up alone on a Harley—showing a lack of self-importance throughout our time with him.

By all accounts, the star of this month’s Justice League is a genuinely nice, laid-back guy, who has his own way of doing things: He lives removed from Hollywood; he owns a skateboard halfpipe; he does not own a TV. And, as we quickly learned, he’ll gladly leap into the water in the middle of a photo session.

Other stories this month get at doing things a bit differently as well: The routine when visiting Miami has always been to hit the core of South Beach, but not anymore. Our editors, all Miamians, give you the lowdown on the new areas that make the Magic City magic.

Another evolving hotspot? Dublin’s Northside. Once notoriously run down and ragged, it’s getting a leg up on the fancier south side. The area boomed and crashed in the late aughts, but now locals are filling it with cuisine and culture at a more measured pace, and it’s paying off.

And we’ve got a fantastic story on the female mariachis of Central Texas, where the male-dominated music genre is getting a surprising injection of talent from pioneering female performers.

To cap it off, we had the honor of sitting down with iconic journalist Dan Rather. He’s seen it all, from John F. Kennedy to the Vietnam War to today’s political roller coaster. We get his take on what patriotism means, and where America is headed.