Betting on Britain

What happens in Vegas normally stays there, but this time we want to tell everyone everything.
Betting on Britain

Normally it is Elton John, Gordon Ramsay and the Beatles.

This time it was smart showers, virtual reality meditation and motion capture monkeys.

Las Vegas can be a crazy place on a quiet day, and the British influence is easy to see on the Strip - the giant screens promoting our singers, musicians or our celebrity chef and his restaurants are everywhere.

During CES week, when the world's largest trade show is in town, it is an entirely different kettle of fish (as we like to say).

More than 50 British companies were exhibiting and hundreds more were visiting, a British Invasion to match the Beatles one which has inspired a Cirque de Soleil show at the Mirage.

So as well as eating at any of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants - the fish and chip shop opposite Linq is a favourite - if you wanted to see something British at CES, you didn't have to go far.

 Virtual Reality companies The Mill and MPC were neighbours here, as they are in London, with a meditation/levitation experience and jumping foxes and badgers respectively.

A beautiful Bentley (British) decked out by Monster (American headphone company) was a great transatlantic collaboration of innovation and design.

Future Worlds, a spin-off from Southampton University, were showing off both a 3D sound bar (using dinosaur sounds, of course) as well as some motion capture software that can reproduce you as a monkey (or soldier or soccer player or pretty much anything else).

They come to Vegas because everyone comes to Vegas - 200k visitors pour into the city, desperate to see the new enormous televisions, self-driving cars and even beds that wake you up when you start snoring.

The city which has the most hotel rooms in the world has them all full during CES week. 

And when the innovators aren't showing off their kid-friendly IoT games (SAM Labs) and speeding up the arrival of self-driving cars (FiveAI), they are making the most of one my favourite cities on earth.

I'm on my 14th visit, I ran the marathon here, had my bachelor party there (that is one that definitely stays in Vegas) but have now been back three times for CES- which is three lots of British innovation and a lot of Gordon Ramsay food - but not yet an Elton concert.

If you are thinking of attending next January, book now - I already have.

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