American Airlines Inflight Advertising

A coveted audience of affluent global spenders:

With a median household income of $97,500, our passengers are an affluent audience with significant spending power.

In the last year, American Airlines passengers spent:

$76.9 billion on Vacations
$23.2 billion on Fashion
$20.1 billion on Online Shopping
$16.6 billion on Fine Jewellery and Watches
$12.4 billion on Home Furnishings
$10.8 billion on new Automobiles
$3.9 billion on Fine dining
$1.9 billion on Perfumes & Colognes


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A stunning suite of magazines, worthy of the world’s largest airline:

American Way

  • Reach 16 million passengers per issue
  • Published monthly
  • Available cabin-wide across the entire American Airlines fleet and in Admirals Club premium lounges
  • An incredibly loyal readership, American Way readers send hundreds of emails per day—36,500 per year—to our editors, the majority via inflight wi-fi

Celebrated Living

  • Reach 10.9 million Premium Class passengers per issue
  • Published quarterly: March, June, Sept, Dec
  • Available in Premium Cabins as well as in global Admirals Club
  • Super-premium paper stock with an aesthetic worthy of the affluent audience Celebrated Living serves


  • Reach 11.7 million highly-educated Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking passengers
  • Published bi-monthly
  • Available cabin-wide on all American Airlines flights to the Caribbean, Latin America and Spain as well as in Admirals Club lounges within those regions
  • Sleek, elegant design with a focus on on Latin celebrities, events, shopping, fashion, cuisine, real estate and lifestyle, with articles published in both Spanish and Portuguese.