Highlighting a New Approach

In your May article “At Peace on the Swells,” the Vietnam War veterans featured have become one with the waves through their surfing to combat PTSD. As a physician at a Veterans Affairs hospital and a non-VA hospital, I have seen the terrible effects of PTSD on my patients. I congratulate American Way for handling a sensitive subject with a remarkable, non-traditional approach to help those who have served us.

Joseph J. Schlesinger, M.D.
Nashville, TN

In-flights of fancy

I’m not easily impressed, and reading any magazine cover to cover is uncommon for me, but that is exactly what I just did with your March issue of American Way. From an entertainment standpoint, this issue rivals any magazine I’d pay for. I love how the various pieces took me on a tour of the world from downtown Los Angeles to England and the gastro-scene of New Zealand and Australia. It may have even re-lit my flame for travel, which is difficult to do for someone who travels constantly for work!

Chris Palmer
Phoenix, AZ

Not sleeping alone

I cannot believe Elizabeth McCracken’s article “When others might applaud, gasp, or weep, I fall asleep” in American Way (Feb. 2017). Wow! I thought I was alone in this syndrome and I can relate 100 percent. I have been ridiculed by friends and made fun of over the years for the same thing—falling asleep in loud, noisy places and, yes, air travel, also. It only took me two hours to read the article since I kept falling asleep. Thank you, Elizabeth. At least I know I am not alone. It is comforting, in a weird way, to know it happens to others, also.

Mark Drobiarz
Miami, FL

Recognizing our veterans

I appreciated several February articles that emphasize American Airline’s ongoing support of military veterans. The “Swamp Apes” python hunters story was fascinating. I wonder if the recipients of the reptiles have enough specimens yet? I couldn’t help but think of another use of these invasive species, connecting the snake story to the Miami-Wynwood revival story: How about a python taco at “Coyo” or the Burmese serpentine at the “Asian-inspired” KYU?

Peter K. Muschinske
St Louis, MO

Manchester memories

The Manchester article (March 2017) was very informative and transported me to this vibrant city. I visited London in 1999 as an 18-year-old graduate from high school. Although I fell short of reaching Manchester, I feel as if I have just left this city after reading American Way. My interest for Manchester came about because of Sir Alex Ferguson and the way he coached and managed the soccer club Manchester United. Although the article is not all about soccer, I feel it’s important to clarify that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola did not move from Real Madrid, as the article states, and was actually the previous manager for FC Barcelona and most recently Bayern Munich.

Richard Cano
Dallas, TX
Well spotted, Richard. The person who wrote that entry, a Manchester native and lifelong United fan, offered this as an explanation: “I honestly have no idea how that happened.” We hope that clears things up, and we apologize for the error.

Discovering a new energy

On a recent February flight I immediately flipped through American Way magazine to find the Mensa quiz. Then I began perusing the articles and was excited at the topics. I sensed something was different as I began tearing out page after page to send to various people who would appreciate them. I enjoyed the rationale of robot love, was fascinated by the Northwest fishermen poets and loved the living-in-dreamland essay (being a wife and mother to two dreamers).

And the story about American Airlines sponsoring Pearl Harbor veterans really hit home, as I’m currently involved in researching nine airmen out of the Blytheville, Arkansas Air Force Base who lost their lives in Operation Linebacker II in December 1972. So kudos to American for honoring our veterans. I knew this edition of AW was charged, but I still didn’t realize the torch had been passed until I searched for the magazine’s credits. Congratulations [new editor] Bill Kearney.

Jeanne Mason
Blytheville, AR

Off to a great start

Congratulations to the new American Way team! This frequent traveler has never before enjoyed all of the articles from cover to cover. Reading the interview with Jimmy Fallon was as entertaining as he is, and Arnold’s spin on The New Celebrity Apprentice could become must see TV. You even managed to pique my interest in Cuba and returning to London for another vacation.
I’ll be looking forward to the next edition. What destination will be added to my bucket list and whose life or career will be highlighted for my reading pleasure? American Way has become my new way to enjoy the flight.
Donna Maze
Chicago, IL

Jogging down memory lane

I enjoyed the article on the first Super Bowl (Jan. 2017). I was living in Orange County, California, and since we were in the blackout range (a 100-mile radius of Los Angeles), we couldn’t get the game on television. The L.A. Times published instructions on how to pull in the broadcast by creating an antenna out of a metal coat hanger attached to a broomstick. This “high tech” solution allowed us to watch the game, although it was quite fuzzy!
Andy Matthews
Long Beach Island, NJ

Honoring Black History Month

The way in which you celebrated Black history and culture within the February 2017 issue was remarkable. Featuring the artistic contributions of Janelle Monáe and Corey Hawkins in ways that transcended entertainment was refreshing. As a Black man, I appreciated the way in which you commemorated Black achievement as American achievement.
Todd Q. Adams
Cleveland, OH

Enjoying the remake

I’ve been flying American Airlines for more than 30 years—the past seven years as Executive Platinum—so I’ve read many editions of American Way magazine. I’ve witnessed several “remakes” and the coming and going of a few editors. Over the years I’ve generally enjoyed most editions and think the “remake” (Jan. 2017) is off to a good start.
Art Sundstrom
Austin, TX