Adam Pally is Turning Back Time

The Mindy Project and Happy Endings funnyman knows exactly where he’d land during a trip through the past
Adam Pally is Turning Back Time

In the new time-bending Fox comedy Making History (March 5), loveable rascal Adam Pally plays a computer science professor capable of transporting himself to Colonial times—and beyond—in a high-tech duffle bag.

If Pally himself could traipse across the space-time continuum, he wouldn’t be keen on venturing before the Industrial Revolution.

“Are you kidding? I would never want to go really far back,” says the 35-year-old actor-comedian. “I can’t leave my house without my iPhone.”

Where would he go? Here, Pally shares his ultimate time-travel itinerary.

“I’m a huge Kanye West fan, so I’d go to Paris when Kanye and Jay-Z toured Watch the Throne a few years ago. They played two nights there. I’m a simple guy. I wish I could’ve seen those shows live.”

“I’d relive my first year of college. I’d go back to that care-free time when I had no responsibilities. I didn’t need any money and all I ate were stolen M&M’s.”

“I’d wind up in the Old West. I’m crafty and a mustache looks good on me, so I think I could’ve been one of those Jews who owns a general store.”