5 Best Restaurant Scenes – 2017 Platinum List

Tao, Le Café Marly, Otto’s, Soho Farmhouse, and “21” Club

5 Best Restaurant Scenes – 2017 Platinum List

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dining with a 20-foot Buddha statue has become a hallmark of Tao Las Vegas, an entertainment and culinary complex at the heart of the Strip. Located at The Venetian hotel, Tao is an iconic destination known for its Asian-style décor and cuisine, celebrity guests (Jay-Z, Madonna, Bono), state-of-the-art lighting system and DJ stage. It consistently ranks as the country’s highest grossing independent restaurant, with annual sales topping $47 million.

From the sexy, curved entrance, guests are immersed in a fantastical setting, with red chandeliers, calligraphy-paneled walls, a koi pond and vignettes of beautiful women soaking in rose-petal-filled tubs. So massive is the candle wall that it’s serviced daily by an employee harnessed into rock-climbing gear. Similarly, chef Ralph Scamardella’s Asian fusion cuisine is presented in an over-the-top manner, with crustaceans bursting out of the drunken lobster pad thai, perfectly lacquered Peking duck for two, and a gigantic fortune cookie stuffed with chocolate mousse and tongue-in-cheek prophecies.

“Tao is synonymous with a big night out in Las Vegas,” says Noah Tepperberg, co-owner of the Tao Group. And after 12 years, the buzz is only getting stronger as the 60,000-square-foot venue embraces a customer-friendly philosophy that includes playing Top 40 dance music, serving dim sum until midnight. and showering guests with confetti from the ceiling. Adds Tepperberg, “People have so much fun that on their way out, they are making their next reservation.”



Le Café Marly
Paris, France

Located in what is inarguably one of the most famous places on Earth, this chic brasserie in the Louvre’s Richelieu wing—a favorite of PL expert Tory Burch—offers a splendid view of I.M. Pei’s pyramid from the terrace.


Fredericksburg, TX

“You’ll see cowboys sitting next to urbanites,” says travel expert Samantha Brown about this farm-to-table German restaurant in the Texas Hill Country.



Soho Farmhouse
Oxfordshire, U.K.

Set on 100 acres of English countryside, this bucolic resort operated by global social club Soho House offers Fancy Farm dining as well as a Japanese grill in the Boathouse.



“21” Club
New York City

A watering hole for the smart set since its days as a Prohibition speakeasy, this Midtown restaurant still attracts a celebrated clientele to its whimsical, toy-filled Bar Room.