4 Best Boutique Cruising Experiences – 2017 Platinum List

SeaDream, Silversea, Uniworld and Windstar

4 Best Boutique Cruising Experiences  – 2017 Platinum List

The SeaDream I cuts through the Corinth Canal, which is only 70 feet wide at its base. Below: the ship off the coast of Santorini

SeaDream’s Greece voyage

Business leader Eula Adams explains how a cruise through the Aegean Islands can be as enlightening as it is uplifting

Sea Dream’s Mediterranean cruises are designed to give you an opportunity to relax while still learning things. One of the trips I took went from Athens to Santorini, then Mykonos and through the Corinth Canal. The dimensions of the canal are such that only a few cruise ships can actually get through it. It felt like, with a little effort, you could reach out and touch the walls on both sides. It was an exceptional experience.

The cruise was very upscale, but it was also about understanding the traditions of the Ancient Greeks. The way they used steel and metal in their art, some of which has held up for 3,000 years, is very impressive.

With SeaDream, we also went to these wonderful little islands that you might only know if you’re on a private yacht. They do a great job of anticipating your needs, tailoring your experience and making you feel like it’s your own personal boat.

Silversea: Antarctica Expedition Cruise

Barely touched by man, the “last continent” offers an environment unlike any on Earth. Sail in splendor past dramatic glaciers and native wildlife including penguins, albatrosses, seals and whales.

Uniworld: Portugal, Spain & the Douro River Valley

Beginning in Lisbon, this culturally packed cruise makes its way through the UNESCO-designated Douro River Valley. 


Windstar: Enchanting Greece & the Amalfi Coast
Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle on this edifying cruise full of rich history and idyllic scenery. Highlights include volcano hikes from Lipari and a visit to the Acropolis Museum.